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About Me

My forte as a creative visionary, I specialize in building brand concepts. Conceptualization and execution are my strengths. I have a "good eye" for aesthetics and composition. I typically function as the Creative Director as well as the primary photographer. An exceptionally alluring photograph is produced by a thorough understanding of blending artistic and technical components intertwined with the client’s brand message. Working with color, blending tones and textures are key essentials of an overall presentation. The mood, style, quality, look and feel are overall the message one receives from viewing an image/an ad which sells product. My strengths lie in delivering visual assets. Based on the brand identity, my creative approach covers a broad spectrum from edgy, trendy, to minimalist and/or classic. My skill set range includes; photography, creative direction, stylist, web producer/designer, social media campaigns and designing marketing initiatives and collateral.

I have serviced clients in the luxury space, with an emphasis on fashion, accessories and beauty products. I have over 12 years of experience delivering on-point visual content produced through photography and graphic design elements. Marsha Randolph Photography was created in 2008 to support my artistic translation, while producing and capturing client's vision and requirements.


“Our eye sight is our greatest human resource”. Marsha Randolph

The Business of Photography

Overall Services

I shoot glam/beauty and lifestyle photography. These commercial productions range from vintage to trendy to contemporary photography for all products but not limited to: fashion and accessories, skincare, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes, handbags and shoes, home decor, food, etc. We can shoot on location or in studio both with artificial lighting or natural lighting. I perform all editing and retouching.


A photo shoot is a divided into three phases; pre-production, principal photography and post production.

Fashion Photo Shoot

During the pre-production phase we will determine what type of photo shoot meet your requirements. Such as; catalog for e-commerce, street style, or editorial etc.

Based on your requirements, we can shoot at my studio or on location or both. Normally a fashion shoot will take 7-8 hours based on 4 looks/four wardrobe changes. The time may increase due to the number of shooting locations or wardrobe changes. I highly recommend the use of a make-up artist and hairstylist. A wardrobe assistant on the set insures efficiently in time, a better

experience for the client/talent and the best look of the fashion overall total look resulting a better outcome of the photo shoot.


All these components ensure the perfect image and a magazine ready photograph. However, I have produced amazing images with just me and model/subject.

Product Shoots

Most products are typically photographed in my studio. I request the client either ship the products or deliver the products in person. Unless the client request, it is not necessary for the client to remain at the shoot.

It is critical that all products arrive lint free, polished and camera ready.


Based on the client’s vision, during a typical preproduction phase, I shop for props and materials to create the perfect sets, themes or backgrounds. Depend on the amount of products, the shoot can take 2 to 3 days. Editing, add three more days.


A photo shoot is based on the client’s needs and budget. I can shoot large productions or small photo shoots.


Fashion Shoots with Model(s) Estimate

1 Model 4 Looks $675

2+ Models 4+ Looks/wardrobe changes each $975

Hair and Make-up rates are separate and negotiable, however, the typically range is around $300 for both services.


Product shoots rates are based location, on the number of products photographed and the type of background required. 8 Products & 2 set-ups. Approximately $875

Basic retouching is included. Online Transfers.

Each photo shoot is different. Client’s needs change. The rates above are estimates. During the discovery process with each client we will discuss your finished product requirements and available budget. I am known to be flexible in pricing and aim to satisfy my client’s creative vision and budget requirements.



I may provide a written presentation /booklet to prepare models/talent in posing and overall movement in front of the camera. The presentation also includes a photo shoot prep checklist.

I am open to discuss your project and specific needs, and will offer discounted rates for start-up businesses and ongoing long-term business relationships.


Clients typically receive one (1) edited (finished product) per look. Four looks/wardrobe changes - four (4) edited images.

Basic editing/retouching is included in the rate. Client can order additional edits or advanced editing; composites at an additional cost.


All photo shoot rates include the finished product/basic edited photographs, plus 100 unedited images. Number may vary, depends upon the project. 

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